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Half Day Camp

Camping in the Woods

June 17-21

Off Grid

Registration Closed

This week, young farmers will focus on life without modern conveniences: running water, electricity, plastics, and more!  Young farmers will learn how to make their own bread and butter, make their own wooden tools, and make makeshift shelters for themselves and their furry friends.   Of course, young farmers will have plenty of time to do their own explorations, guided by their own interests.

June 24-28

History Mystery

Although the buildings on our farm are new, the history of the farm and people using this land stretches far back in history!   During this week of camp,  young farmers will help unravel the mystery of the farm's history, unearthing clues to the farm's distant and more recent past.  They will learn some "junior archaeology skills" in order to gather evidence to find out how the land has changed throughout the years. 

      Ages 4-12                  
                                        June 17 - 21

                                        June 24-25

       $100 total = $75 + $25 deposit*

     Drop off between 7:30-8:30

           Parents provide lunch if needed. 

           We provide healthy snacks!

     Pick up between  12:30-1:00**

*A $25 non-refundable deposit per week per child is due

with registration to hold your child's place. 

Balance is due the first day of classes. 

**Since we are an outdoor-only venue, we do not offer afternoon extended care during the intense afternoon heat of late June! 

7:30-8:30   Morning Farm Chores                       and Free Choice

8:30-9:00  Morning Meeting

9:00-11:00 Free Choice and Projects

11:00-11:30  Lunch

11:30-12:30 Free Choice and Projects

12:30-1:00  Pick up/Dismissal

Half Day Camp Schedule

Farm Projects

The young farmers participating in our half-day farm camp will spend at least an hour each day working on individual or group projects.  Children can choose what topic they would like to explore through these projects.  Project ideas may include:

  • Designing and building a rabbit hutch, birdhouse, or duck habitat

  • Observing a wildflower patch and taking data on the variety of animal and plant species that reside there

  • Use pea plants to explore how quickly plants grow in different soil and weather conditions 

photo jun 24, 9 01 56 am.jpg
Half Day Camp

Our half day camp in late June offers children a chance to explore the farm at a more leisurely pace than our earlier camp weeks.  Most of their time will be spent choosing activities during our "Free Choice/Project" time, which will include:

  • Learning about safety while on the farm

  • Collecting eggs

  • Feeding the farm animals

  • Making bread, jam, and homemade butter

  • Harvesting vegetables from the garden 

  • Exploring irrigation at our water play tables 

  • Setting up a farmer's market stand on Fridays

  • And, much, much more!

Junior Counselors- ages 12+

If your pre-teen/teenager is interested in working with younger children, let us know!  Our junior counselors can attend our half-day farm camps free of charge, and they will even get a $25 gift card for helping us out. He/she can learn valuable leadership skills under the direction of our farm camp teachers, while also learning more about how a small farm operates.  Space is limited, so contact us using the contact form below as soon as possible!

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