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Full Day Farm Camp

May 28-31

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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This week, young farmers will explore how they can reuse, recycle, and upcycle materials on the farm.  For example, they will feed the pigs and learn about the pigs' role in breaking down kitchen waste and enriching the soil!    Young farmers will also learn about their own impact on the natural world and ways they can minimize their ecological footprint!

June 3-7

Seeds, Soil, Science!

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During this week of camp, young farmers will explore the beauty of soil!  They will get up close and personal to soil helpers, such as soil amendments, insects, and worms.  They will also learn about the importance of nutritional balance for quality soil, and soil's impact on vegetable production.  Young farmers will also discover the science behind how seeds grow!

June 10-14

Farm Kid Textiles

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For this third week of camp, young farmers will learn all about the way we use textiles here on the farm and in their everyday lives.   They will discover how to use different kinds of looms and weaving techniques using a variety of materials.   Young farmers will also learn how to make rope, thatched roofs for animal habitats (and possibly a tree fort), and learn how to sew! 

8:00              AM Free Choice

9:00              Morning Meeting

9:30-10:15    Free Choice/AM Farm Class

10:15-11:00   Free Choice/AM Farm Class

11:00- 12:00  Lunch

12:00-2:30    Free Choice/PM Farm Class

                      Storytime/Quiet Time Rotation

2:30              Reflection, PM Free Choice

3:00-3:30     Dismissal 

8:00               AM Free Choice

8:30               Morning Meeting

9:00-10:00   Farm Chores/AM Class

10:00-11:00  Free Time in the Forest

11:00- 12:00  Lunch

12:00-2:30    Free Choice/PM Farm Class

                     Challenge of the Day Rotation

2:30              Reflection, PM Free Choice

3:00-3:30     Dismissal 

Camp Schedule: Ages 4-9
Camp Schedule: Ages 9-12
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Full Day Camp: Ages 4-9

Our "young farmers" ages four through nine will explore the farm by playing and learning during free choice time and during structured, teacher-led activities.            

Young farmers will be grouped according to age and developmental level, generally ages four through six, and six through nine years old. 

Some of the activities this group will enjoy include:​

  • Using loose parts to build an irrigation system for the water play table

  • Making a bird house to bring home

  • Using natural materials to make art

  • Playing in the seasonal creek

  • Participating in a daily storytime, with farm-related literacy activities

**Note that 9 year olds can choose to be in the younger or older group! **

Full Day Camp: Ages 9-12

Children ages nine through twelve will participate in activities throughout the day designed for their age group, including: 

  • Learning teamwork skills on the low ropes course in the forest

  • Discovering how the farm runs as a business, including setting up and running a "Farmer's Market" 

  • Working on daily interest-led projects, such as building  a rain catchment system, setting up bird houses, learning the science behind pest management, and more!


**Note that 9 year olds can choose to be in the younger or older group!  Just let us know on the registration form!**



      Ages 4-12                   May 28 - 31 (Tues-Fri)

                                $150 total = $125 + $25 deposit*
                                        June 3
 - 7 and June 10-14

                                $175 total = $150 + $25 deposit*

     Drop off between 8:00-8:30

     Pick up between  3:00-3:30

          Parents provide lunch. 

           We provide healthy snacks!

     Extended care available AM Care: 7:30-8:30

                                             PM Care: 3:30-5:00 

                  $15 a week for both AM/PM Care!


*A $25 non-refundable deposit per week per child is due with registration to hold your child's place. Balance is due the first day of classes. 

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