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Farm Camp Teacher (ages 18+)

11237 Jw Jordan Road, Lascassas, TN, USA

Job Type

Seasonal (May 28-June 28)

In Person

Job Description and Requirements

The "Farm Camp Teacher" will

  • Work closely with the Farm Camp Director to prepare and enact lessons, including but not limited to math, English literacy, nature studies, and science.

  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of early childhood development, including understanding of developing literacy and math skills.

  • Exhibit a working knowledge of the scientific process and scientific inquiry

  • Participate in a three hour, paid inservice related to the Farm Camp's methodology, nature-based play, and first aid/weather related incidents.

  • Work from 9-3 for the weeks of May 28th, June 3 and June 10, with an hour paid "non working" break at the discretion of the Farm Camp Director.

  • Work from 8-12 for the weeks of June 17 and June 24, with a half-hour paid "non working" break at the discretion of the Farm Camp Director.

  • Work for a total of one hundred hours at a rate of between $16 and $18 dollars an hour, based on experience.

  • Notify the Farm Camp Director as soon as possible in the event that sick time would need to be taken. The Farm Camp Teacher can use up to 8 hours of paid sick time during the course of the Farm Camp (May 28=June 28)

  • Farm Camp Teachers can also bring their children (ages 4-18) with them for free as participants in camp, or as volunteers. (Maximum two children per teacher)

About Oakview Farm Camp

Oakview Farm Camp is a nature-based outdoor-only Summer Farm camp for ages four through twelve. This is our fourth year of operation, proudly serving children and their families in the Middle Tennessee area. Our mission is to instill a sense of awe and wonder in children for the natural world, through hands-on experiences related to small-scale, sustainable farming.

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